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Natura Sound Therapy is a good software for sound therapy by your pc
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Natura Sound Therapy is a cute little program. I really like its style. It has got a nice interface.
It is a program to create sound of different frequencies. Sound therapy is an ancient form of healing. Different frequencies of sound have been found to produce different effects on the brains activity. It is a fact that all of us like to hear music. Light music makes us feel good and reduces the blood pressure. It makes us happy and peaceful. By analyzing the different effects of sound waves on our brain, it can be used for therapeutic use.

Natura Sound Therapy has many features that make it a very good program.
It uses both sound frequencies and visual content to make us concentrate and focus when doing some important job. It can also help us relax by the special sound frequencies.

There are different settings for the visual contents. It mainly uses colors. We can set the background image and color as we like.

Brainwave Synchronizer is a feature that produces different sound frequencies which relate to different moods or working condition of the brain. So, using them, you can increase the brain activity by the resonance effect.

There are special recorded sound clips like the ocean waves, river, sound of birds, rain and thunder, wind chimes, etc.

There are mant preset sounds like "Deep Meditation", "Mind and Body Healing", "Optimum Health", "Stress Release", etc. Its really cool.

What I didn't like about the program is that the sound output. All are in somewhat a harsh tone. After putting on my headset for five minutes, I was fed up with the program. But maybe different people have different reactions towards the sound frequencies. Anyway, this is a software you should try.

Zack Martin
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  • Many preset settings for different moods
  • Brainwave synchronizer


  • The sound output is in a harsh tone
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